The Long-Awaited Grand Opening of Poland’s Water World: Park of Poland – Suntago

The opening of the much-anticipated Park of Poland – Suntago Water World was indeed an event that had been long awaited. This project was scheduled to be ready much earlier, but like all similar ventures of such magnitude, most of the previous plans for a large water park in Mazovia region never really took off. Some might recall the promise of a theme park by pop star Michael Jackson back in the 90s which never came to fruition. Later, the people of Mazovia were looking forward to Adventure World Warsaw, another project that ended up as an unfulfilled dream. Finally, after years of anticipation, the construction of Park of Poland – Suntago Water World was initiated. Let’s take a closer look at how this venture unfolded and assess if it’s worth a visit.

Taking a Dive into Poland’s Premier Water Park

The Park of Poland – Suntago Water World is an impressive feat that might surprise even the greatest of skeptics! The opening of this Mazovian attraction was indeed a highlight of the season, delivering to the expectations and even exceeding them for the most discerning of spectators. The entire space has been meticulously designed to resemble a tropical, exotic island. As soon as one steps inside, it feels like a trip down to sunny Cuba. This extensive complex houses varied features such as:

  • Over 740 living palm trees providing a unique microclimate within the park
  • Elegantly designed houses for rent, for those who wish to extend their visit beyond just one day
  • A massive pool accompanied by an authentically-realistic beach
  • A tropical theme resonating in every corner, incorporating a generous dose of natural stone, glass, and steel
  • An innovative retractable roof for visitors to unwind (or sleep!) under the star-lit sky
  • Thousands of loungers to bask in the sun, giving a feel of being on a paradise island

What’s Inside: Different Zones for Varied Experiences

The park is divided into four distinct areas, each with its own set of unique attractions. They are: Jamango Zone (consisting of 32 giant slides that offer an adrenaline rush, an inventive wave pool, and a thrilling adventure river); Relax Zone (exclusive for those 16 and above, with jacuzzis and hydromassages); Saunaria Zone; Spa Zone (complete with 10 different saunas, baths, and sixteen rooms where one can enjoy a relaxing massage, all designed with an exotic touch, worthy of royalty).

Dining and Refreshments

Five well-stocked bars and restaurants are at the visitors’ disposal, providing a perfect setting to take a breather from the water activities, enjoy a delightful meal, and recharge for more fun.

In Summary: Is a Visit Worth It?

To answer the title question – “Is it worth visiting 'Park of Poland?’” – the answer, unequivocally, is yes! You will undoubtedly be delighted by the array of thoughtfully designed and visually stunning attractions at this massive water park, allowing you to spend a delightful day. Therefore, come over and see it for yourself!