Glamour style lighting is an essential part of any well-designed interior. Elegance and sparkle thrive wherever it is implemented, from the most intimate corners to grand open spaces. An exquisite fusion of light and glass, striking refractions, and the perception of dancing light scattering throughout the room capture its essence. So how to choose the right glamorous lamp that corresponds with the distinctiveness of this extravagant style? Let’s find out together.

Glamour lamps in various home interiors

Before we delve into selecting lighting fixtures for different rooms, it’s worth taking a moment to understand the principles of the glamour style, which has a rich history of igniting imaginations and inspiring homes across the globe. Originating in the 1940s and ’50s in the United States, this style was inspired by the bedazzling costumes and settings of the golden age of cinema. Packed full of opulence, wealth, and brightness, glamour style quickly spread to interior design. A great example of this is the image of Audrey Hepburn, dressed in a stunning gown, sitting on a heavily embellished, spacious sofa, bathed in the light of an overhead chandelier, and admiring her reflection in an impressive mirror. This is the kind of elegance and charm that glamour apartments aim to recreate.

Living Room

A glamour lamp for the living room often becomes the centerpiece of the room. If the room has high ceilings, choosing a chandelier is never a bad decision. The more tiered and filled with crystals it is, the more opulence it exudes. A lustrous chandelier should sparkle and awe, reminiscent of royal splendor. For lower ceilings, horizontal chains of crystal lamps that scatter light across the ceiling can create remarkably beautiful reflections.


The captivating grandeur of a saloon chandelier won’t serve its purpose in a bedroom. However, hanging lamps with small crystals scattered on the surface of a round, flattened shade offer an excellent alternative. The lampshade can be glass, entirely transparent, or frosted, embellished with golden decorations. Additionally, corner wall lamps – gold or silver – can significantly enhance the glamour style in a bedroom.


The type of lighting fixture that would work best in a bathroom depends on its height. Crystal ceiling lights adorned with golden diodes, lamps around 20-40 cm high composed of suspended crystal strings rigidly attached in the shade, or flat rectangular structures suspended right below the ceiling filled with crystal points that beautifully scatter bathroom light throughout the room are all suitable options. In bathrooms, attention should also be paid to ornamental lamps near mirrors – they should definitely have a visually appealing finish!