Maintaining the aesthetic and durability of laminate panels involves regular impregnation. It’s a simple process thanks to easily available cleaning products. Be it store-bought panel gloss or home remedies, the results are always gratifying.

How to gloss laminate panels?

Contrary to what might seem, giving your laminate panels a glossy finish isn’t that challenging. An easy home remedy involves using a water-vinegar mixture. The recipe calls for cold water mixed with vinegar in a five-liter-two-tablespoon ratio, respectively. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, moisten the floor, and lastly, polish your wooden panels until they shine like new.
Panel preservation through this method brings about an impressive glossing effect. As it turns out, treating laminate panels with a water-vinegar mixture is one of the most efficient home remedies because it leaves behind no streaks or patches.

How to gloss panels stained with grease or other marks?

Should your panels have any spots resulted from grease splatters or dirt (for example, from your muddy pawed pet), the best option would be to use baking soda. The ideal proportions are a packet of baking soda to a bucket of water. After washing the panels with this solution, wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. This method of using baking soda not only glosses your panels but also extends their lifespan. For stubborn dirt, use soap flakes mixed in water.

Glossing laminate panels using panel gloss

Laminate panels tend to have a porous structure, making them susceptible to dirt. Owing to this, cleaning them with regular detergent or water alone won’t make them shine. So, how can you gloss laminate panels? The answer is panel gloss.
Speciality panel gloss products contain polymers that penetrate panel pores, creating a uniform surface and bringing about the desired sheen. Therefore, when looking for glossing products, opt for those that can ensure this effect.
Panel gloss can be bought from virtually any store without any hassle. This ensures that maintaining the shimmer of your laminate panels is an effortless task.